I have many muses and my style of painting and it usually depends on my mood and what is going on around me at any given time or in the past.

I love the presence of light in a painting, even when there isn’t a direct daylight source. Such as lights on in homes at night or winter scenes with smoke coming out of chimneys.

I prefer earth colors, and monochromatic themed palettes. When I do paint with a palette knife, I prefer thick, bold colors in an impasto effect of contrasting colors. Painting to me is all about color, technique, placement and telling a story.


Some of my paintings are first sketched and then drilled on wood. My original niche is the American Steam Locomotive.  I also drill my trees and forests with a dremel drill. The drilling brings out the unique texture of the bark and creates a three dimensional effect.  I now embellish a lot of my artwork to give it an old, worn effect. This was prevalent in the 1890s with some painters.

I have recently had fallen in love with the painting of architecture. I love gothic architecture and city architecture.

As one famous artist said, “If it is easy then it probably isn’t great artwork”. If it takes a lot out of you and is hard, then it is your best effort put forward. I remember that  and try to live by those rules.


I have been accepted into the Annual Juried Art Exhibition, at the Suzanne Arnold Gallery at Lebanon Valley College, 5 times out of 7 submissions. I have won an honorable mention in 2011 and 2013. Lebanon Valley College is also my Allma Mata.

I have shown my work at various other galleries of which some include The Lebanon Art Gallery and Picture Frame (PA), The Lebanon Valley Council on the Arts (PA), The Hub Gallery at Penn State College (PA), and I am now showing my artwork

at The Gallery at La Cigale permanently since I am a founding member and resident artist in that gallery.  I have been offered shows in New York City and Chicago of which I may accept in the future. I have been published for my literature three times in the Wild Onions Magazine at the Hershey Medical Center. I have won second prize for one of my art submissions in the Wild Onions Magazines.

My paintings are unique in that I never offer prints nor can anyone painting be duplicated. I can paint a similar one but it is impossible to duplicate.

I hope you enjoy viewing my web page. Please do not hesitate to ask questions and you can reach me at my web email or silvadj@comcast.net.

Business hours are strictly by appointment.

Doris Jean Silva